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This page shows the list of current consultations for you to respond or look at.

Current Consultations


List of consultations
NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Site Allocations Plan - Main Modifications Consultation Respond Online Featured Open 18 Sep 2017 30 Oct 2017
Draft Local Planning Application Requirements-Part 1 document Respond Online
North Somerset Council is consulting upon a draft Local Planning Application Requirements – Part 1 document. The purpose of this consultation is to make sure we only ask for information that is necessary and proportionate to describe applications received. This document is part 1 and sets out what supporting information is required to be submitted with applications. Part 2 is a separate document that relates to plans and drawings will be the subject of a separate consultation. Once adopted both parts 1 and 2 will be used to help applicants and the council to understand what is required in order for a planning application to be valid when submitted to us.
Open 23 Oct 2017 20 Nov 2017
Pharmaceutical needs assessment (PNA) 2017
The PNA is our assessment of how pharmacies are meeting the needs of residents in North Somerset. We'd like to know if you agree with our findings. This consultation is conducted with Britsol and South Gloucester councils.
Open 04 Sep 2017 27 Nov 2017
North Somerset and Mendip Bats special area of Conservation (SAC)-Guidance on Development. Draft Supplementary Planning Document Respond Online Open 20 Oct 2017 30 Nov 2017
Stage 2 consultation on re-opening the Portishead branch line as part of MetroWest Phase 1 Respond Online
What do you think about our detailed plans for the proposed re-opening of the Portishead branch line? This consultation is part of the 'Development Consent Order ' process, a legal process needed to complete the work.
Open 22 Oct 2017 04 Dec 2017
New Local Plan Open 17 Oct 2017 10 Jan 2018

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