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Welcome to eConsult where you can view all our current, upcoming and completed consultations.

This is your opportunity to tell us what you really think! You can make a difference to the services we provide and how the council is run.

This page shows the list of current consultations for you to respond or look at.

Current Consultations


NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Creative Hub for Weston-super-Mare Respond Online Featured
Let us know what you think about setting up a creative hub in Weston town centre.
Open 25 Jan 2016 29 Feb 2016
Congresbury new village hall/community centre Community Right to Build Order Respond Online
Submission consultation for Congresbury CRtBO
Open 15 Dec 2015 12 Feb 2016
Portishead Lake Grounds draft management plan
Please let us know what you think about this draft plan aiming for future management of this important open ait space.
Open 11 Jan 2016 22 Feb 2016
The State of the Sector - Strategic planning and partnership working 19th January 2016 Respond Online
A conference for Commissioners and Leaders of North Somerset Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector.
Open 27 Nov 2015 29 Feb 2016
Portbury Neighbourhood Area designation Respond Online
Comments invited on the merits of the proposed boundary for the neighbourhood area. The boundary put forward is the parish boundary. Any suggestions for an alternative boundary should state why an alternative boundary should be chosen and what that should be.
Open 29 Jan 2016 29 Feb 2016
School Term Dates 2017 - 2018
School Term Dates
Open 27 Jan 2016 29 Feb 2016
Sites and Policies Part 1: Development Management Policies - Main Modifications Respond Online
Consultation on the Main Modifications to the Sites and Policies Plan Part 1: Development Management Policies.
Open 14 Jan 2016 02 Mar 2016
Proposal for a selective licensing scheme of the private rented sector in part of Weston-Super-Mare.
This consultation invites comments and views on proposals to designate a selective licensing scheme under Part 3 of the Housing Act 2004 for all privately rented properties in part of Weston-super-Mare. If the proposals are implemented it would require all privately rented properties (houses and flats) in the designated area to apply to the council for a licence and pay a fee.
Open 06 Jan 2016 18 Mar 2016

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