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Current Consultations


NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Weston-super-Mare Town Centre Regeneration - Draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) Respond Online Featured
What do you think about the plans for regenerating the town centre?
Open 31 Oct 2016 12 Dec 2016
Site Allocations Plan 2006 - 2026: Publication Version November 2016 Respond Online Featured Open 07 Nov 2016 19 Dec 2016
North Somerset Local Council Tax Support – 2017- 18
In April 2013, the government changed the way in which assistance is provided to Council Tax payers on low incomes. The Local Council Tax Support Scheme (LCTS) was introduced to replace the previous national council tax benefit system. North Somerset Council introduced its Local Council Tax Support Scheme (LCTS) in April 2013 and later changed its scheme in subsequent years to the current scheme in 2016/17. It was designed to be affordable in the context of the reduced grant provided by the Government to fund the scheme. In doing this the Council delivered a scheme that did not impact on either the council tax level or other services which it provides to pay for. The current scheme allows for low income families an eligibility to council tax support but requires a minimum contribution of 24.5% of their full council tax bill. Currently a council tax support claim will commence on the day it is received and will be backdated 3 months if good cause is demonstrated. Family premium is all
Open 07 Nov 2016 09 Dec 2016
MetroWest Phase 1 - Second informal consultation on proposals for Ashton Vale Road
MetroWest Phase 1 is proposing to re-open the Portishead rail line to passenger train services and enhance the passenger train service for the Severn Beach and Bath to Bristol line (local service). Emerging work indicates that an increase in train services will result in the level crossing barriers at the entrance to Ashton Vale industrial estate needing to operate significantly more than they do currently. Alternative access needs to be provided which is the focus of this micro-consultation. It follows a similar exercise in February 2016 which helped refine the highway options from six to three, and it is these three we are now seeking views on
Open 11 Nov 2016 12 Dec 2016
North Somerset People and Communities Strategy 2017 - 2020 Respond Online
The North Somerset People and Communities Board brings together a range of partners from across public and voluntary services who are working together to reduce inequalities and improve the safety, health and wellbeing of local residents. This board fulfils the statutory duties of a Health and Wellbeing Board and a Community Safety Partnership. The Board has recently revised its priorities to reflect local challenges and opportunities. This work has informed a new draft People and Communities Strategy. The strategy does not seek to include all current activity relating to community safety and health and wellbeing. It focusses on what can best be achieved by working effectively together to meet local needs and enable people to live safe, healthy and independent lives.
Open 10 Nov 2016 12 Dec 2016
Proposed Co-ordinated Admission Schemes and School Admission Arrangements 2018-19 Respond Online
This consultation asks your views about the proposed new intake admission arrangements. It includes oversubscription criteria, admission numbers and in-year admission arrangements for 2018-19.
Open 07 Dec 2016 31 Jan 2017

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