Public Space Protection Orders

Ends: 31 Mar 2017

Sometimes referred to as PSPOs, these orders are designed to prevent individuals or groups of people behaving in a way that has (or is likely to have) a detrimental effect on other people’s quality of life in a locality, including persistent anti-social behaviour.

We’re now consulting on proposals for public space protection orders. The consultation will run from noon February 1 until March 31 2017. All feedback will be considered before a final decision is made on how to proceed.

Find out more and have your say.























Please read the information about our proposals and let us know your views using this questionnaire.

There are dozens of proposals so we recommend using a laptop or desktop.

The document describing the proposals and the questionnaire to respond to are built to be accessible to all. But if you need them in another format, contact us by email or by phone on 01275 884 162.






Consultation Documents

Consultation Summary

Consultation Summary
Name Public Space Protection Orders
Description What do you think about our proposed rules for public spaces in North Somerset?
Dates From 1 Feb 2017 at 12:00 to 31 Mar 2017 at 12:00. The results will be published by 31 May 2017.
Status Open

Organisational Information

Contact Name Dee Mawn
Job title Environmental Services Manager
Contact Email
Contact Telephone 01275 884162

Project Information

Aim of this consultation To find out if our proposals cause any unintended consequences for you, find out what they are so we can aim to lessen them.
Close Date 31 Mar 2017 12:00
Consultation Topic Business - jobs, new business or factories, Community - neighbourhoods, equalities, youth offending and registrar, Education - schools and adult learning, Environment - building work, transport, trees and recycling, Housing - homelessness, housing advice and rented housing, Leisure - sports, theatre, museum and tourism, Social care - families, addictions, adoption and domestic abuse, Transport - construction and repair, travel or policy, Your council - councillors and committees, council tax or strategies
Data collection method
Context for this consultation The rules governing public spaces have built up over hundreds of years in a piecemeal way. We want to make these clearer to help reduce the impact of anti-social behaviour.