North Somerset Core Strategy Issues & Options (October 2007)

Core Strategy Issues & Options

4. Strategic Objectives

To make provision for the RSS proposal for 26,000 new homes, between 8,500 and 10,000 jobs in the Weston-super-Mare travel to work area and associated facilities; but in a way that:
·         Protects and increases the distinctive natural and cultural heritage of North Somerset
·         Can adapt to long-term environmental, economic and social changes, especially climate change and the need for better management of resources and waste
·         Improves the quality of life of residents; and
·         Secures high standards of design and gives new communities a sense of place and pride
·         Phases jobs with housing
·         To focus growth at Weston-super-Mare and to the south west of Bristol principally as two sustainable urban extensions
·         To develop elsewhere only for local needs 
·         To achieve employment-led growth at Weston-super-Mare

·         To phase development to give a better balance between homes, jobs and services.
·          To give priority to meeting affordable housing needs

·         To ensure co-ordination between all stakeholders
·         To ensure the timely delivery of essential infrastructure

Question 2

Question 2
Are these the right Strategic Objectives?