North Somerset Core Strategy Issues & Options (October 2007)

Core Strategy Issues & Options

7. Green Belt

The Draft Regional Spatial Strategy (Policy SR3) proposes that we must extend the Green Belt to the south east of Clevedon and to the south west of Nailsea and remove land from the Green Belt to allow provide for the South West Bristol Urban Extension.
Three broad options are being considered for the new outer boundary. These are shown by the lines A, B, and C on the map below.
All options require decisions on how those settlements encompassed by the new green belt should be treated i.e. ' inset 'or 'washed over'. The green Belt applies to washed over areas but not to inset areas. If inset, whether any land should be safeguarded for long-term development associated with the potential expansion of those communities.
The detailed inner boundary of the Green Belt to the south west of Bristol will be established as the detailed work on the urban expansion is carried out. Decisions will also need to be made whether land should be safeguarded for development post 2026.
Green Belt extension

Question 4

Question 4
Which option do you prefer? A, B, or C?