North Somerset Core Strategy Issues & Options (October 2007)

Core Strategy Issues & Options

14. Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure is the name given to networks of accessible, multipurpose sites such as parks, woodland, informal open spaces, nature reserves, wildlife corridors, rivers, streams and historic sites. It contributes to sustainability and the quality of life of North Somerset residents and will be a valuable asset to the new residents living in the two urban extensions.
The draft Regional Spatial Strategy (Policy GI1) expects local authorities and partners to develop Green Infrastructure policies. The proposed urban extension in Weston-super-Mare includes the development of a  "Green Heart". Providing for Green Infrastructure will also be a central component of the South West Bristol Urban Extension.

Westons Green Heart

The Green Heart is a strategic green public open space which will primarily be located within the future urban extension on Weston Airfield. The concept of having a green heart has been identified in the Weston Area Development Framework to ensure the Green Infrastructure network is maintained and strengthened in Weston as part of the development of Weston Regeneration Area. The details of the Green Heart are still to be decided.  
Location and function of the Green Heart
The general location of Green Heart has broadly been decided as running through Weston Airfield.
However, how far it extends, its shape, and general configuration are still up for debate, for example, should it;
·          be one large area of green open space?
·          be a series of open spaces interspersed with development?
·          run from north to south or east to west?
Should the Green Heart be;
·          laid out as parkland?
·          left as a wildlife area ?
·          a large open park, which can also be used as an events space ?
·          an area for sporting facilities linking it with Hutton Moor?
·          a combination of some or all of the above ?  
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Question 19

Question 19
What are your views on the location, design and function of the Green Heart?