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Response Date 19 Apr 2013
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DM:57 Equestrian development

Support in principle, object to the policy as currently drafted.

KSPC welcomes this new policy; it notes that the implementation of previous policy has demonstrated a disproportionate commitment to the various non-motorised modes of transport. It acknowledges that in part this reflects differences in opportunity, but it is also apparent that the cycling lobby, for instance,  is stronger and better-resourced than the equestrian lobby.  Equestrian use contributes to the local economy and is a mechanism for diversification on many farms.  Although around 60 horses are kept in this parish, there is only one bridleway in Kingston Seymour and none in Clevedon.  Multi-user routes are not necessarily the answer as cyclist and riders are not a natural mix, especially where routes are narrow.    

KSPC has reservations about the policy as follows:

Bullet 2: the sequential test will not always be relevant. In the case of most private applications, where the applicant has purchased a paddock on which he wants to locate a small stable block, he will own no other land and have no other option. KSPC suggests that the words “where relevant” be inserted accordingly.

Bullet 3: This is not always practical for the reason given above. Nor will screening necessarily already exist.  In these circumstances, it should be possible to secure permission conditional on a landscaping plan. 

Bullet 4: there is a lack of consistency here with Policy DM55, where design standards are set out in general terms in the Policy Intentions but not further amplified, as they are here.  Is this bullet point necessary? If it is deemed necessary it needs rewriting, as the words in brackets currently qualify the preceding noun “rural settings” when they actually clearly relate to the noun “materials”.  

Bullet 7: unrealistic given the present lack of bridleways. Kingston Seymour has around 20 stable blocks and 1 short stretch of bridleway, Clevedon has no bridleways at all.

Additionally, consideration should be given to including a reinstatement provision as per the final para of DM55.