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Little Waves Nursery

Consultation on proposals for Little Waves Nursery, as part of the budget reduction for 2018-19

Ashcombe Children Centre Nursery

Consultation on proposals for Ashcombe Nursery, as part of the budget reduction for 2018-19

Banwell, Winscombe and Sandford Children's Centre (BWSCC)

Consultation on proposals for BWSCC, as part of the budget reduction for 2018-19

Daycare Development Service

Consultation on proposals for the Daycare Development service for disabled children, as part of the budget reduction for 2018-19

Long Ashton Children's Centre (LACC)

Consultation on proposals for LACC, as part of the budget reduction for 2018-19.

Pill Children's Centre

Consultation on proposals for Pill CC, as part of the budget reduction for 2018-19.

Yatton Children's Centre

Consultation on proposals for Yatton CC, as part of the budget reduction for 2018-19

Education Provision in North Somerset ~ A Commissioning Strategy 2018 - 2021

We are pleased to be able to share our draft commissioning strategy for your review and comment. This draft Education Delivery Plan sets out how we hope to work with our existing and new partners to deliver the right numbers of school and pre-school places in the right locations to meet Basic Need. Working in coequal partnerships with our stakeholders, together we hope to meet the needs of our local communities to enable all children and young people to reach their academic potential.

Proposed Conservation Area at Barrow Gurney

North Somerset Council in conjunction with Barrow Gurney Parish Council are proposing to designate the older area of Barrow Gurney Estate Village as a new conservation area.

Wyndham Way

What do you think about our plans for improving traffic flow off the M5 at Junction 19, by changes to Wyndham Way (A369)?

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy revision

To ensure the revised Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy being proposed is fit for purpose.

Public Consultation on an Environmental Permit

To seek comments on application of a permit under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations, 2016 that has been received by the Council.

Local Listed Building Consent Order - 01 (Draft)

The set up of a LLBCO to allow for secondary glazing at the Tyntesfield estate in the Grade II Listed cottages specifically set out within the order.

Landscape Character Assessment Supplementary Planning Document Update 2018

The North Somerset Landscape Character Assessment was adopted in 2005. There is now a need to update the document to update references, reflect new development, incorporate any consequential changes to descriptions and boundaries and update photo's. At the same time the opportunity has been taken to improve the maps.

Great Weston Conservation Area Consultation

Consultation on conservation area for Weston-super-Mare

Relevant Area for Consultation on Admission Arrangements 2020-22 You can Respond Online

The School Standards and Framework Act 1998, requires each local authority to establish a Relevant Area(s) for admission policy consultations. The Relevant Area is the area in which admission authorities must consult with schools regarding their proposed admission arrangements before finalising them.

Gambling Act 2005 - Statement of Principles 2019-2021 You can Respond Online

Under the Gambling Act 2005 we are required to adopt and publish a Statement of Principles that sets out how we will administer our functions under the gambling legislation. A Statement of Principles has to be reviewed every three years. The current Statement of Principles was agreed by full Council in 2015. It became operative from the 31 January 2016 and is now in need of review and updating.

Long Ashton Library Consultation You can Respond Online

The aim of this questionnaire is to gather the views of Library users and non-users to help shape the future provision of Library services to the Long Ashton area. The questions ask what parts of the library service have been, or are used at present and seek your views on the nature of future provision to the locality.

Sensory Support Service carer and parent questionnaire You can Respond Online

This questionnaire is to seek views of the carers and parents of past and present users of the Sensory Support Service to help with the review and redesign of the service.

Worlebury Camp Hillfort - Conservation Management Plan You can Respond Online

Worlebury Camp is a large Iron Age hillfort located on a limestone promontory to the north of Weston-super-Mare. It is afforded the highest protection for a heritage asset in England, as a Scheduled Monument, and the land within which the hillfort sits is owned and managed by North Somerset Council. Worlebury Camp was placed on Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register in 2016, categorised as vulnerable, with the principal threats being trees and vegetation. An archaeological condition survey of the hillfort was commissioned to identify the specific threats and risks to the monument, and to inform the management of the site. The aims within this management plan will ensure that this exemplary hillfort is uncovered, helping to reveal its secrets, lost for almost two hundred years under extensive tree and vegetation growth. We would like to receive your feedback on the management options we have identified.

Coordinated Admission Schemes for 2020-21 You can Respond Online

This consultation asks your views about the proposed coordinated admission schemes for 2020-21. Please read the documents and let us know your views online. All Local Authorities in England are required, under the School Admissions Code, to operate a coordinated scheme. All Infant, Junior, Primary and Secondary Schools within North Somerset are participants within these Schemes.

Yatton Neighbourhood Plan Resubmission of Statement of Community Involvement and Basic Conditions Statement You can Respond Online Featured

Yatton Parish Council have submitted an amended Statement of Community Involvement and Basic Conditions Statement to replace those which were submitted for Examination alongside the Yatton Neighbourhood Plan in October 2017. This is at the suggestion of examiner Mr Jeremy Edge to ensure that both documents meet the requirements set out in the associated legislation. As some of the documents are now amended this necessitates an additional period of submission stage consultation.

Local Plan 2036: Issues and Options Stage You can Respond Online Featured

We are preparing a new Local Plan which will provide detailed policies and additional housing, employment and other land allocations up to 2036. It will review and roll-forward policies and allocations in existing development plan documents and plan for the amount of housing, jobs and infrastructure set out in the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP). This is an early stage in the plan making process, and the purpose of the issues and options document is to identify the challenges that need to be addressed. We would like to receive your feedback on the options we have identified.