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As well as General consultations you can see our Planning Policy consultations.  These are consultations which form part of our Local Development Framework, formerly known as the Local Plan, covering large-scale planning issues. The procedure for these is governed by law, including the requirement to Log in or Register on our Planning Policies consultations site before you can take part in them.

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Current Consultations


List of consultations
NameStatusOpen DateClose Date
Survey about our website for services for children and young people aged 0-25 with SEND. Respond Online Featured
Survey about the Local Offer website
Open 31 Jan 2018 28 Feb 2018
The Future of adult social care in North Somerset Respond Online Featured
Consultation on our proposals 'A New Vision for Adult Care Services for North Somerset'
Open 29 Jan 2018 23 Mar 2018
Food Enterprise Zone, Weston Airfield Business Quarter Local Development Order Respond Online
We have prepared a draft Local Development Order to simplify the planning process and support economic growth by providing food related businesses the opportunity to co-locate at the Food Enterprise Zone in Weston-Super-Mare. Comments received will be considered before the LDO is adopted later this year.
Open 01 Feb 2018 02 Mar 2018
School Term Dates 2019 - 2020 Respond Online
As an annual exercise, NSC are consulting with you on the proposed school term and holiday dates for the school year 2019 - 2020. The proposed dates are in the attached consultation document.
Open 05 Feb 2018 19 Mar 2018
Little Waves Nursery Respond Online
Consultation on proposals for Little Waves Nursery, as part of the budget reduction for 2018-19
Open 09 Feb 2018 06 Apr 2018
Ashcombe Children Centre Nursery Respond Online
Consultation on proposals for Ashcombe Nursery, as part of the budget reduction for 2018-19
Open 09 Feb 2018 06 Apr 2018

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