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  • Weston Town Centre Area Action Plan - Issues and Options Stage.

    The Weston Town Centre Area Action Plan sets out the issues currently facing Weston Town Centre and identifies options for how these issues could be addressed. This is the first stage in the preparation of the Area Action Plan and this document is intended to generate discussion about the issues and oppotunities facing Weston. The area covered by the Action Plan includes the town centre, seafront and gateway area.

    Open from 01 Oct 2007 to 30 Nov 2007

  • North Somerset Core Strategy Issues & Options (October 2007)

    The Core Strategy sets out the key elements of the planning framework for North Somerset in the period to 2026,including broad locations for future development, a spatial vision and strategic objectives. The Issues & Options is an early stage which will enable the Council to find out what people think about its vision and objectives and, with regard to future development, what are the main issues and options.

    Open from 01 Oct 2007 to 30 Nov 2007

  • Dolphin Square Supplementary Planning Document

    The Dolphin Square Supplementary Planning Document will provide a detailed planning policy framework for the redevelopment of the Dolphin Square site in Weston-super-Mare town centre.

    Open from 19 Nov 2007 to 13 Jan 2008

  • Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document

    North Somerset Council is currently preparing the Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to clarify how the Council will implement Policies H/4 and H/5 of the adopted North Somerset Replacement Local Plan. As a first stage the Council has produced a consultation draft of the document to receive views and comments from the public and stakeholders particularly parish councils, developers and RSLs.

    Open from 29 Nov 2007 to 10 Jan 2008

  • Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

    This is a consultation on the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment, which identifies potential housing supply up to 2026. This includes consultation on the methods, assumptions and judgements used in the assessment and also the outcomes so far.

    Open from 14 Dec 2007 to 31 Jan 2008

  • Adult Care customer feedback

    Survey of people who have had an assessment of social care or occupational therapy needs

    Open from 01 Jun 2008 to 01 Oct 2012

  • Housing in Defined Villages - Policy H/7 v) Draft Guidance Note

    This guidance note has been prepared as an aid to the practical application of Local Plan Policy H/7 v). Its intention is to assist applicants and agents in preparing applications that conform with the policy's requirements.

    Open from 01 Sep 2008 to 15 Oct 2008

  • Gypsy and Traveller Sites Allocations Pre-production Brief Jan 2009

    The Pre-production Brief describes the process, timing, consultation strategy and likely key challenges the Gypsy and Traveller Sites Allocations Document will need to address. The purpose of the Pre-production Brief is to ensure key stakeholders are aware that the process of preparing the Gypsy and Traveller Sites Allocations Document has commenced; and to provide the opportunity for stakeholders to comment on the process, timetable, consultation strategy and general content of the Issues and Options Document prior to publication.

    Open from 23 Jan 2009 to 06 Mar 2009

  • Gypsy and Traveller Site Allocation Issues and Options DPD

    North Somerset Council are carrying out a consultation to try an identifiy sites for Gypsy and Traveller accommodation within the district The Council have to identify 36 residential and 10 transit Gypsy and Traveller pitches by 2011. This document does not identify specific sites but puts forward various options and issues that should be taken into account when identifying sites.

    Open from 07 May 2009 to 22 Jun 2009

  • Weston Town Centre Area Action Plan - Preferred Options Document.

    Weston-super-Mare Town Centre is changing and this is your chance to have a say and influence the future of the town! North Somerset Council are producing an Area Action Plan for Weston Town Centre and we want to know what you think of the policies and proposals we have put forward in this plan. The plan sets out the councils preferred approach to how 15 key sites should be developed and where different activities should be located.

    Open from 13 Jul 2009 to 04 Sep 2009

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